Working with activities

Ortto’s activities describe user behavior like clicking on an email, making a purchase or logging in to your application. They help you understand what your customers are doing, segment customers into audiences and create detailed reports.

Understanding activities and their attributes

Activities describe a person’s behavior like such as placing an order or opening an email. They are always represented in past tense e.g. "Placed order" or "Opened email". Activities can have attributes, these give you more information about the activity. For example for Placed order it’s important to know the total amount.

Let’s break down an example, Placed order:

Placed order

  • Total: $199
  • Total items in order: 11
  • Items in order: Rubber ducky, Shoes, Slides, Glitter
  • City: Sydney

The activity is placed order and this is associated with a person. Attributes tells us the total, total items in the order, the actual items in the order and the city the order originated from. Using this information we can filter people to answer questions like "How many people placed more than 2 orders in the past 30 days where the total was greater than $150".

We associate activities to people in your database. They are linked by either email or a unique ID. If you send us an activity for someone we haven’t seen before you can elect (it’s on by default) to create a new person using that activity.

Access the activities page

To access Ortto’s Activities page:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Ortto.
  2. On this page, you can manage all aspects of your activities in Ortto, including the ability to: