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About Ortto

Learn about Ortto's platform and features which are described in this knowledge base

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Getting started

Learn how to get started with a 14-day Ortto trial and onboarding checklist

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Ortto Acceptable usage policy

Read Ortto's Acceptable usage policy for sending messages from Ortto

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Learn how to create and use templates for reports, campaigns, and more

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Learn how to create and customize dashboards

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Learn how to create reports to visualize your performance

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Explore Talk features and learn how to create and manage conversations

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Knowledge base

Learn how to build a self-serve help center for your customers

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Learn how to create campaigns and get familiar with deliverability best practices

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Capture widgets

Create website widgets that help turn browsers into subscribers

13 articles


Learn how to add and manage people in your CDP

19 articles


Learn how to add and manage organizations in your CDP

10 articles


Create and manage audiences to represent key customer lifecycle stages

8 articles


Create and manage tags for people, organizations and conversations.

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Create custom activities, and explore system and data source activities

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Data sources

Connect data sources to organize all of your customer data in your CDP

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Asset manager

Create and manage email, SMS and push assets for journey and playbook campaigns

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System-wide features

Learn how to create filters in Ortto and see high-level feature limits

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Learn how to fine tune and customize Ortto’s global functionality

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Profile, accounts and plans

Explore your profile and plan details, and learn about billing and plan limits

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Learn how Ortto handles data protection, data retention and untrusted accounts

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Autopilot to Ortto welcome guide

A welcome guide for users who have had their Autopilot Journeys account unified with Ortto

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Developer guide

Ortto's Developer guide provides instructions on getting started and interacting with the Ortto API.

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API reference

This section provides reference documentation for all endpoints of the Ortto API.

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Autopilot Journeys articles

Help center guides for Autopilot Journeys

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