Reporting on multi-currency activities

When you use a default Ortto report or create a custom report to view analytics on things like campaign and product performance, Ortto will present multi-currency field values in your default currency. The value you see in reports is a conversion of all the various multiple currency values that exist in your activity data. You also have the option to view values in a different currency to your default currency.

When multi-currency field values are used in reports, the value displayed will reflect the conversion rate at time/date the field value was set. 

For example, this ledger report on “Booked flight” activities shows a column for “Price” (a multi-currency attribute). The different "Price" attribute values (each of which was sent to Ortto in a different currency) are converted into and displayed in your default currency value.

Example ledger report displaying a multi currency attribute

You have the option in the report setup at Advanced > Currency to change the currency in which the values are displayed. When changing the currency, the values will change according to the conversion rate at the time the activity occurred. 

Example showing where to change the report currency