Integrating with Zendesk

Zendesk builds software-as-a-service products for customer support, sales and communications.

You can leverage Ortto’s powerful campaign, reporting, and dashboard features on your customer support data from Zendesk.
To do this, proceed through each of the following procedures to integrate Ortto with your Zendesk service as a data source.

Zendesk prerequisites

This integration process assumes you have an operating Zendesk service, and a Zendesk user account with the Administrator role and its level of access to this service.

Connect from the Zendesk App directory

Use this procedure to complete the integration between Ortto and your Zendesk service from the Zendesk App directory’s entry for Ortto, by establishing the connection between the products.

This procedure assumes you had initially followed the Getting started page’s Create an Ortto account procedure.
If you have not already signed up with an Ortto account, then follow the equivalent procedure in the Getting started section instead.

  1. On the Zendesk App directory’s entry for Ortto (Autopilot), click the How to set up tab.

  2. Follow step 1 of the Using an existing Autopilot account procedure to sign in to Ortto (using the special link).
    The following steps provide details that expand upon the instructions on the How to set up tab.

    1. If prompted to do so, sign in to Ortto.

    2. On the Ortto Accounts page, choose the Ortto account to connect with Zendesk.

    3. On the Connect to Zendesk page, enter your Zendesk account name in the Account field, which is the first part of your Zendesk service’s base URL:


      By default, Ortto allows Zendesk to modify all relevant data values of people in your Ortto account’s CDP, based on the equivalent data values of these people in your Zendesk service.

      A given person may be registered in multiple data sources, where a specific data value associated with this person (e.g. their phone number), might be different in each data source. When an Ortto account is integrated with these multiple data sources, each of which is allowed to modify data values in the CDP, then this person’s data value (e.g. phone number) could be modified in the Ortto account’s CDP, based on recent activities performed by the person through each of these different data sources.

      Hence, data values for people in an Ortto account’s CDP can constantly change.

      When a relevant activity in Zendesk is conducted by this person, Zendesk can update their data values (e.g. phone number) to the one/s configured in their Zendesk profile.

      • To alter which data values of people in your Ortto CDP that Zendesk can modify:

        • Clear or (re-)select the appropriate checkboxes in Modify system CDP fields (default).

        • To prevent Zendesk from modifying any data values in your Ortto CDP, choose the Don’t modify system CDP fields option.

    4. Click Connect.

    5. On the Allow autopilot to access your Zendesk account? click Allow to allow Ortto to connect to your Zendesk service through the currently logged in Zendesk user account.

      If you are not yet signed in to Zendesk, specify your relevant Email address and Password credentials and click Sign in. You will then be prompted to click Allow.

  3. Once the Syncing your data appears, click Done.

That’s it! Your Ortto account is now connected to and integrated with your Zendesk service.

Connect from Ortto

If you initially followed the Configuring a new data source procedure, use this procedure to complete the integration between Ortto and your Zendesk service from the Ortto interface, by establishing the connection between the products.