Working with capture widgets

Ortto’s capture widgets are website widgets that help you convert your store’s or website’s visitors into subscribers, as well as capture these visitors' attention when, for example, you have a sale or an import message to share with your audience.

Capture widgets are configured in Ortto and are designed to appear on your website when specific criteria have been met.

Capture widgets are designed to have a greeting to engage and encourage website users to enter data, and a thank you to provide immediate feedback for their participation.

Access the capture widgets page

To access Ortto’s Capture widgets page:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Ortto.
  2. On this page, you can manage all aspects of your capture widgets in Ortto, including the ability to:
    • create a new capture widget, create a new widget from a helpful template, or customize from a blank template with the capture widget types, which include:
      • Bar — Pin important announcements and drive new subscribers.
      • Popup — Grab their full attention and grow your mailing list.
      • Conversation — Create announcements from the talk widget.
      • Notification — Make announcements and drive new subscribers.
      • Takeover — Remove distractions to get attention and grow subscribers.
      • Banner — Share important information and drive new subscribers.
      • Form — Embed a form on your website to drive new subscribers.
      • Tracked form — Capture form submissions from your website.
      • Prompt — Request opt-in permission for push notifications or share important information.
      • Spin the wheel — A gamified discount wheel to drive subscribers and sales.
    • create a feature-specific capture widget, including a: