Creating a new capture widget

To enable the capture widgets on your data source’s website, an integration between Ortto and your data source must be configured, which would have been done when you created your Ortto account or configured a new data source, including a tracking code.

To create a new capture widget, you can do so either from scratch or from a template.

Create a capture widget from scratch

Creating a capture widget from scratch gives you a blank canvas to build the capture widget. The color palette, fonts, and styles used in the capture widget are inherited from your brand book when creating a new capture widget from scratch.

To create a new capture widget from scratch in Ortto:

  1. On the Capture page, click New widget.
  2. On the New widget page, click Start from scratch, click Next.
  3. On the Widget types page, select the type of capture widget from the list and click Create:
    Types of capture widgets
  4. On the New widget (capture widget details) page:
Creating a capture widget from scratch (Click on the GIF to maximize it)

Create a capture widget from a template

To create a capture widget from a template in Ortto:

  1. On the Capture widgets page, click New widget.
  2. When you choose a template, you can apply your brand book settings by selecting the Use brand book settings checkbox, then click Use template to get started. If the template you selected uses data from a connected data source, you’ll need to choose the relevant accounts.
    Creating a capture widget from a template (Click on the GIF to maximize it)
  3. On the capture widget details page the capture widget’s content, style and configuration are pre-set according to the template you chose however, you can:

Configure the capture widget

You can edit the content of the capture widget to modify its content components and appearance.

The content editing features are similar for most capture widgets, although there are differences for embeddable formtracked form, and spin the wheel capture widgets.

Learn more about configuring a capture widget.

Form capture widgets

The embeddable Form is used to build a form capture widget which can be inserted into the HTML for your website.

Learn more about creating a form capture widget.

Tracked form

The Tracked form is used to build a tracked form capture widget which will capture all the data that a person enters into a form submitted on your website.

This widget is suitable for users who have an existing form on their website, such as a bespoke form or one generated from a 3rd party application.

Learn more about creating a tracked form.

Spin the wheel capture widgets

A Spin the wheel capture widget is a gamified discount wheel to drive subscribers and sales.

Learn more about creating a spin the wheel capture widget.

Conversation widget

The conversation widget is used to initiate conversations with contacts/visitors (outbound), such as to announce new products or features, or alert customers to updates regarding your organization.

Learn more about creating a conversation capture widget.

Push notifications capture widget

To send a web push campaign you must first create a capture widget with a push permission request to obtain a person’s (contact’s) permission to receive web push notifications. Learn more about creating push capture widget.

In-app notification (mobile capture widget)

In-app notifications enable you to display a popup-type capture widget to your app users. To create in-app notifications you need to create a popup widget and configure your app to support this feature using Ortto's in-app notifications software development kit (SDK). Learn more about in-app notifications.