In-app notifications (mobile capture widgets)

In-app notifications are a type of capture widget that appears for users from your mobile app when the trigger criteria has been met (such as when the user spends a specified amount of time on a page, or clicks an associated push notification).

For web-based capture widgets, the tracking code installed in your website identifies visitors and sends the data to trigger the widget.

For in-app notifications (mobile capture widgets), you need to install Ortto’s software development kit (SDK) to configure your app to identify users and send widgets when appropriate.

NOTE: Currently, only popup-type capture widgets are available for mobile applications.

Create an in-app notification

To create an in-app notifications:

  1. In Ortto, navigate to Capture > New capture widget > Start from scratch.
  2. At the Widget types page, select Popup then click Create.
  3. Give the widget a name, then click Edit.
  4. Edit the widget’s content and style.
  5. Click on the Settings tab to access the widget platform, recipients, and trigger.
    • At Platform and pages, select the required platforms (Android and/or iOS).
    • At Recipients, select which people should see the popup and any location limits.
    • At Trigger, choose when to show and hide the widget.
      • At Show the widget, choose whether this occurs when the page loads or when an element is clicked.
        If you choose When an element is clicked, you will need to configure this within your app’s code. We provide an ID for the widget so you can reference it from whatever trigger you like (such when a person clicks on a particular button).
      • The selections available for when to Stop showing the widget are optional.
        If you do not select an option, the widget will be shown once per session.
  6. Click Save & publish to finish setting up your popup widget.
  7. When you are ready, turn the widget ON.

Trigger a capture widget from a push notification

You can link a push notification to a capture widget for web, iOS or Android. This will allow you to show a push notification to a customer that, when clicked, triggers a capture widget containing a form, coupon, or other content.

Learn how to set this up under Trigger a capture widget from a push notification in Create a push campaign.