Conversation capture widget

The conversation capture widget is used to initiate conversations with contacts/visitors (outbound), such as to offer help to people browsing your website, announce new products or features, or alert customers to updates regarding your organization.

The conversation widget is an extension of the Talk messenger widget which facilitates inbound conversations (initiated by the contact/visitor). All conversations, whether capture-initiated or contact/visitor-initiated, are managed by agents in your Talk inbox.

When a conversation is initiated by the conversation widget (outbound) and the person replying is unknown, the widget will allow the person to respond once without asking for identification. Then if the person wants to continue the conversation they will need to supply their details according to your settings in Settings > Talk messenger > Conversations > Unidentified visitors.

If a known contact responds to the conversation widget message, they will not have to provide any identifying information, such as an email address.

Learn more about unknown visitors and configuring the Talk messenger.

Create a conversation widget

To create a conversation widget in Ortto:

  1. On the Capture page, click New widget.
  2. At the New capture widget page, click Start from scratch, click Next.
  3. On the Widget types page, select Chat and click Create.
    Creating a conversation widget (Click on the GIF to maximize it)
  4. On the New widget (capture widget details) page:

Edit the conversation widget

Click Edit to configure the conversation widget.

For the Message, choose whether the message will come from a specific or random talk agent.

Type your message content, including any links, emojis and merge tags to personalize your message. You can also add media, such as a image or a YouTube video of a new feature you are promoting.