Creating custom fields and sections

You can create up to 100 custom fields in your customer data platform. Each custom field has a field type such as Phone, Number or Single select. These field types help define how you will input the data. For example if you select the field type "Phone" the input will make sure you enter a number formatted correctly.

Create a custom field

To create a new custom field from the People page:

  1. On the People page, click into a person’s profile.

  2. Find the section you wish to add the custom field to and click the edit icon, a good place to start is under About.

  3. Click "+ Create new field".

  4. Give the field a name and select the appropriate field type. Click Create.

  5. The field will appear at the bottom of the displayed section.

  6. You can drag and drop the field to re-arrange it. You can continue to add new custom fields or click "Done" to exit the editing mode.