Managing audiences

The Audiences page provides you with access to all your audiences, which allows you to view a specific audience and edit it.

View an audience

To view an audience:

  1. On the Audiences page, click the audience to view.

  2. Click X to exit the audience view.

An audience’s view is the administration page where you can:

  • view and manage the audience in the left-hand details panel, and

  • under the relevant tabs on the right-hand side, view:

    • an Overview of the audience,

    • audience Members,

    • audience Demographics,

    • Campaigns the audience is part of, and

    • Activities associated with audience members.

Edit the audience

In the details panel, you can rename the audience. To do so, hover over the name and click the pencil icon, then type the new name and click on a blank area of the page to save the name.

Click New campaign to create a new campaign for the audience.

Click Archive to archive the audience. Once an audience is archived, it can be restored or deleted. To delete an audience:

  1. Archive the audience in the audience’s view or on the Audiences page via the more more icon, then Archive

  2. On the Audiences page, click All  Archived.

  3. To the right of the audience name, click the more more icon, then Delete.

    Deleting an audience cannot be undone.

Audience entry and exit criteria

People enter when and People exit when display the conditions by which people become members of the audience (or leave it). Edit the conditions to change the audience membership criteria.

Customers on selected Ortto plans are able to edit the audience criteria to use data that is more than 90 days old. These are referred to as retention audiences.

To edit your audience to become a retention audience:

  1. Under People enter when and/or People exit when, click Edit.

  2. If necessary, modify the filter conditions to include an activity and attribute more than 90 days old.

  3. Select Use all available activity data, then Save.

    edit retention audience

Learn more about retention audiences under Retention audiences in Creating a new audience.


Configure the audience to add or remove it from your email and SMS preference centers.

Learn more about the preference centers in Working with subscription preferences.


This is where you can send your audience data to your Twitter Ads, Google Ads or Facebook Ads advertising account/s.

Updates to the audience in Ortto will be synced to the data source destinations you have configured.


This section shows the user who created the audience, when it was last edited and when it was created. The Created by name will be Ortto if the audience is a default data source audience.