Integrating with Stripe

When you connect to Stripe, you will unlock all of your customer, trial, subscription, charge and invoice data. It gives you the ability to craft highly personalized and relevant messages across the customer journey and unleashes powerful data visualization and segmentation.

Included are templates for Audiences, Dashboards, Reports and Playbooks to help you get started. The templates cover everything from SaaS analytics to playbooks that help onboard and welcome new customers.

Connecting to Stripe

The Stripe data source is a read only data source. We will not write anything back to Stripe. We require write access for web hooks in order to create the required web hook for the integration.

To connect to Stripe:

  1. Navigate to Data sources.

  2. Click "New data source".

  3. Select Stripe.

  4. Enter your restricted API key (see below how to do this). Ensure you grant write access for webhooks and read only access for everything else.

Depending on the amount of records in your Stripe account the initial sync may take several hours. You can view the state of the connection on the data source screen.

Setting up your Stripe restricted API key

When you setup the Stripe data source you will be asked for an API key. There are two types of API keys in Stripe:

  • Standard keys; and

  • Restricted keys.

We prefer customers to setup restricted keys which offer greater security and only the needed scope of permissions.

To setup a restricted key login to Stripe and then follow these steps:

  1. Login to Stripe.

  2. Select "Developers" on the left hand menu.

  3. Then click, "API keys".

  4. Under Restricted keys, click "+ Create restricted key".

  5. Call the key Ortto or something memorable.

  6. Set all of the permission to "Read" except the "All webhook resources" which MUST be set to "Write" for the data source to function correctly.

  7. When you are finished select "Create key" and you will be shown the API key you need to copy into the setup process.


Webhook limitations in Stripe

Stripe supports up to 16 webhooks. In the unlikely case you are using all of your web hooks you will need to remove existing web hooks before being able to complete the connection process. Ortto requires 1 available Stripe webhook to function.

What does the data source add to my account?

The Stripe data source adds:

  • Stripe customer records as an object in your Customer Data Platform.

  • Stripe activities from the last 90 days including trials, subscriptions, transactions and invoices;

  • Audience templates based on a subscription business model (these can be removed where they are not relevant);

  • Playbook templates; and

  • Dashboard templates for both Performance and SaaS metrics.