Unified Ortto account plans

When your Autopilot Journeys account was upgraded to an Ortto account, you will have been placed on our Journeys plan for Autopilot Journeys customers, or our Enterprise (Custom) plan.

If you are on an Enterprise plan and wish to know your plan inclusions and limits, you can see this in your Account  Plan & billing. For a high-level overview, refer to the feature comparison page on the Ortto website (noting that account configurations are custom).

Journey plan

Ortto’s Journey plan has been designed to match the feature inclusions that you had in Autopilot Journeys (simply referred to as Autopilot onwards). As the Journeys plan is only available to upgraded Autopilot customers, you won’t see the plan features on the Ortto pricing page.

As such, this page outlines the key inclusions in your Journey plan. You can also view your plan inclusions by clicking on your account name, then Plan & billing.

These inclusions will allow you to access all Ortto features, and get started in adding people (contacts) to your CDP, build reports, send campaigns, create activities, and more.

Should you hit a feature limit, you have the option to upgrade your plan from your account > Plan & billing. Until you reach a limit, you won’t pay more to use Ortto features that aren’t available in Autopilot.

Contacts and audiences

The number of contacts in your upgraded Ortto account is calculated as: number of Autopilot contacts synced to Ortto + Ortto-only contacts.

If you exceed your contact limit, you will have 7 days during which time you can archive or delete contacts to stay under the limit. If you wish to increase your contact limit, you will need to upgrade to a new Ortto plan with a higher contact limit. Learn more about exceeding contact limits under Automatic upgrades.

For contacts, you can create up to 30 audiences.

Campaigns and capture widgets

Your plan includes email, journey and playbook campaigns and actions, including A/B testing, playbook actions and timezone-based delivery. Journey and playbook campaigns are limited to 30 each.

In Ortto, your included emails per month is calculated as: 4 x number of contacts. For example, if you have 10,000 contacts, you can send 40,000 Ortto emails per month. (No limit on sending emails from Autopilot).

Should you exceed your sent emails limit, you will be billed at $1 per 1000 emails over the send limit. This fee is applied to your account at the end of the month (post-paid). Learn more about exceeding email limit under Automatic upgrades.

SMS campaigns and sending email from a custom domain are both available to purchase addons. Learn more about setting up SMS and custom domains.

You can also create a custom email footer.

Create up to 40 capture widgets to place on your website where you have the Ortto tracking code installed (or a data source tracking code).

Customer data platform (CDP)

In addition to people (contacts), you’ll have the option to create and view Organizations, which you link people to. Learn more about Organizations.

You’re able to track activities to create reports on customer actions like subscription plan upgrades. By default, activity data is kept for 90 days, however you can enable longer data retention for specific activities and data sources.

Dashboards and reports

You can create up to 120 dynamic reports and 20 dashboards.


By default, you plan includes activities for user and website session tracking, and website and app activity tracking.

You can create 10 activities to capture custom activity data. In addition to this, you can create 5 Segment activities and 1 outbound activity stream (such as a custom or Segment webhook).

Seats, security and permissions

The users in your Ortto account include any headsup-only users you had in Autopilot. Your plan allows 10 users (seats) in your account.

In addition, you can enable two factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) for your account, and require each user to use 2FA for added security.


Your plan includes access to Ortto’s public API endpoints to manage people, organizations, activities and other data.

Read the Ortto’s developer documentation to find out more about using the API, including rate limits.