Checking and managing your plan

You can check your contact and email usage at anytime from the Plan & Billing page.

  1. Click on your profile and then click "Plan & Billing".

  2. On this page you will be able to see your usage of both contacts and emails sent for the given period.


Automatic upgrades

What happens when you exceed your contact limit?

If you exceed your contact limit your plan will automatically upgrade 24 hours later unless you reduce your usage below the plan limit.

Each plan has a number of included contacts. These contacts are covered in your monthly subscription fee. If your database grows beyond this limit your plan will be automatically upgraded (after a 24 hour warning period) and charged at the following rates:

  • per thousand up to 50,000 contacts $12/thousand (includes 4x contact to email limit increase)

  • per thousand 50,000 to 500,000 $10/thousand (includes 4x contact to email limit increase)

  • per thousand over 500,000 $5/thousand (includes 4x contact to email limit increase)

For example, if you are on the Professional plan with 5,000 contacts included and have 5,500, you will be given 24 hours to either:

  • archive contacts to stay under the limit; or

  • accept the automatic upgrade after 24 hours.

Generally customers who exceed their contact limit are growing fast and the desired outcome is increasing their limit. We do automatic upgrades (with a 24 hour courtesy window) so there is no interruption to your account.

What happens when you exceed your email limit?

If you send more emails than your plan allows you will be automatically billed (post paid) for these additional emails on your renewal date.

As your contact limit increases your email limit will increase at a 4x rate/month.

For example if you are on the Business plan and have a contact limit of 100,000 you can send up to 400,000 emails/month. It’s unlikely you will exceed this limit, but if you do excess email is charged at $1/thousand emails sent in excess of your plan inclusion. So if you sent 420,000 emails in a month, but had a limit of 400,000, you would be billed an additional $20 at the end of the month.

Downgrading your plan

When you downgrade your plan the changes will take effect at your next renewal date.

Annual payments

Subscriptions are typically paid on a monthly and require a credit card.

However, some businesses have a requirement to pay annually. While Ortto does not offer annual plans, you can make an annual payment which is applied as a credit to your account. There are no discounts for annual payments, and all funds applied as a credit are non-refundable.

Plan requirements to pay annually with an invoice

Your Ortto account must be on the Enterprise plan.

How to pay annually with an invoice

  1. Contact our support team and request to pay annually by invoice.

  2. You will be sent an invoice which you need to pay.

  3. Once the invoice is paid, Ortto will apply the amount as credit to your account, which will be subscribed to the relevant plan.

  • Again, all credit applied to your account is non-refundable, and there are no discounts for annual payments.

  • There is no contract for an annual payment. You can still upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.