Creating a new activity

By default your account has system activities such as Opened email and may have activities from an integration you connected during the setup wizard e.g. Shopify activities. But you can also plan and create your own custom activities.

To being creating a new Ortto activity:

  1. On the Activities page, click New activity.

  2. On the Setup page, specify an appropriate Activity name, and choose an appropriate Icon.

  3. In the Attributes section, specify any data fields (i.e. attributes) required to store information about this activity. For each attribute:

    1. Specify an appropriate Attribute name and Data type.

    2. To map the activity to an appropriate person field in your Ortto account’s customer data platform (CDP), choose the appropriate person field from the Map value to CDP drop-down list.

      • Only existing person fields (whose data type matches the Data type you chose in the previous step) will appear in this list.

      • You can create a new custom person field to be mapped to this attribute by clicking Create new in this list. Doing so opens the Create field dialog, similar to when you create a new person custom field through the Setup  Customer data  Fields page, although the Field type and Data type (above) values must match before your custom activity can be successfully created.

  4. Choose whether to activate the Conversion value and Track as touch options for this activity.

    Activating the Conversion value sets an internal attribute value (referred to as Value), such that if this activity were used for attribution purposes, it uses this internal Value field for attribution, including MRR and ARR.
  5. Choose the Visibility options for your custom activity.

  6. Choose the Activity design options for your custom activity, bearing in mind that you will need to define at least one attribute (above) for the Activity and attribute option.