Shopify integration

The Shopify data source can be connected during the sign up wizard or later by creating a new data source and following the setup steps. It unlocks powerful solutions for Shopify stores to grow faster and make more money.

How the Shopify data source works

The Shopify data source is a read only integration and does not modify your existing Shopify customer data. On connect we will (by default) add Capture.js (tracking code) to your Shopify theme.liquid when you first connect.

The only write permission requested is to add Capture.js to your Shopify theme in order to:

  • Track store browsers
  • Track products added to cart
  • Track browser abandonment
  • Show out of stock notifications

Data source history

Depending on your plan either 30 or 90 days of your Shopify customer activity will be imported and any activities thereafter.

Installing Capture.js for Shopify

When you first connect the data source we will automatically install the Capture.js tracking code into your theme.liquid file. This has no impact on your stores performance and enables you to:

  • Track store browsers;
  • Track which products your customers add to their carts;
  • Track browser abandonment;
  • Allow visitors to request to be notified of new stock when an item is out of stock; and
  • Enables the display of other widgets on your store.

You can choose not to install Capture.js by disabling it under advanced settings when adding the Shopify data source. You can then manually add Capture.js by using the Website Session Tracking data source later or to specific areas of your store - although for best performance this is not advised.

Shopify data model

When you install Shopify, the Shopify data model is added to your Customer Data Platform. This gives you access to all of the same fields in Shopify and sets up a new layout on each person so you can easily see information from Shopify.

NOTE: A single Shopify instance may consist of multiple stores. Once you have connected Shopify as a data source to your Ortto account, each of these Shopify stores becomes available for selection as individual Data source filters in relevant areas of campaigns.

Shopify activities

Once you have integrated Shopify with Ortto a number of relevant Shopify activities and attributes are added to Ortto.

Shopify activity data is sent to Ortto via webhooks when an activity event occurs, so it is sent to Ortto in (essentially) real time.