User management

This page is where you add users (seats) to your Ortto account, and set users' roles and permissions.

The amount of seats you can add depends on your Ortto plan.

In your account Settings, navigate to User management.

  1. Click New user to add a new user.

  2. Type the user’s Email address. You can type multiple email addresses to add multiple user with the same permissions.

  3. Select the role you wish the user/s to have. See User roles and permissions for a description of the default roles and permissions.

  4. Click Add to add the user/s.

Manage users

The user list will identify each user with a label reflecting their role.

The Owner is usually the person who created the account and is the person who can perform account validation (providing a phone number). There can only be one account owner and the owner is responsible for the account. The Owner role is an Admin-level role.

The Owner can transfer ownership to another user. To do so, click the more more icon next to a user to transfer ownership of the account. When ownership is transferred, the new Owner will be given an Admin role (if they did not already have that role, such as if the user previously had a Read only role).

The billing contact (identified by a dollar sign next to their role label) is the person who receives billing information and any bills requiring payment, but cannot make changes to the account plan or payment method. There can only be 1 billing contact and the billing contact can have any role (not required to be Admin). The Owner or the billing contact (only if admin) can transfer billing to another user.

Click a user’s name or the more more icon next to a user to see the user’s profile and account activity.

Users with an Admin role can edit another user’s role/permissions. Admin can also revoke a user’s access. For a revoked user, admin can view the revoked user’s profile to reactivate their account or delete them permanently.

User roles and permissions

The table below outlines the default account roles and permissions.

Role Billing Settings Campaigns Dashboards Reports Capture People Organizations Audiences Tags Activities Data sources


Full access with no restrictions



Limited access

Full access excluding exporting.



Limited access (read only or restricted)

Can create, edit and archive.

Can’t publish, turn ON or send campaigns. Can’t delete items, or export data.

Read only

Read only


Limited access (read only or restricted)

Read only