Integrating with Zapier

Zapier is a product that provides a suite of tools to move information between a vast range of web applications automatically.

You can leverage Ortto’s powerful customer data platform (CDP), campaign, reporting, and dashboard features based on events triggered through Zapier and its integrations.
To do this, proceed through each of the following procedures to integrate Ortto with your Zapier account as a data source.

Zapier prerequisites

This integration process assumes you have an operating Zapier account.

Integrating Ortto with Zapier is performed through a Zapier Zap.

Connect from your Zapier account

  1. Log in to your Zapier account.

  2. From your Zapier account’s Dashboard, click My Apps to access the Apps page.

  3. On this page, search for Ortto and click Connect on the retrieved Ortto result entry under Add new connection.

  4. If you are:

    • signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Accounts page appears in a new window, from which you should click the Ortto account (also known as an 'Ortto instance') to integrate with Zapier.

      There may only be one of these. However, if you have created multiple Ortto accounts with the same sign-in credentials, then each of these Ortto accounts will appear on this page.
    • not yet signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Sign up page appears in a new window, from which you should:

      1. Click the Sign in link on this page to open the Ortto Sign in page.

      2. Sign in to Ortto.

      3. Click the Ortto account to integrate with Zapier (above).

  5. On the Zapier wants to access your …​ account, where …​ is the name of your chosen Ortto account, click Allow to allow Ortto to connect to your Zapier account through the currently logged Zapier user account.
    You are returned to the My apps page for Ortto.

That’s it! Your Ortto account is now connected to and integrated with your Zapier account.