Troubleshooting HubSpot

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you with common questions or issues you may encounter when using HubSpot as a data source.

For further assistance, please send an email to our Support team at or lodge a support ticket from your account:

  1. In the left-hand navigation drawer of your Ortto account, click Support.
  2. On the How can we help? page:
    1. Under Quick links, click Submit a support ticket.
    2. Populate the Submit a support ticket form and click Submit ticket when you are done.

Disconnect and delete the data source

You must disconnect and archive a data source before you can delete it.

Disconnecting a data source from Ortto will stop new data from the data source merging with the CDP.

Learn about disconnectingarchiving and deleting a data source under Managing data sources.

Data source already connected

Disconnect, archive, and delete the existing HubSpot connection before attempting to connect again; the existing data source must be deleted.

Connect more than one HubSpot account

Ortto can connect to more than one HubSpot account at a time. You may wish to do so if you have 2 HubSpot accounts, for example, with a contact named John Smith in both HubSpot accounts. By connecting both of your HubSpot accounts with your Ortto account, Ortto will store John Smith as 1 person (contact) in your CDP. This will help you see John Smith’s activity all in once place, as you can view John Smith’s profile and see activity from both of your HubSpot accounts.

To connect to another HubSpot account, log in to the HubSpot account you wish to connect, then repeat the steps outlined in Connect from Ortto.

NOTE: The same HubSpot account cannot be connected to more than one Ortto account (instance).

HubSpot data source still displays as 'syncing' after x minutes/hours

Depending on the amount of records in your HubSpot account the initial sync may take up to several hours in some cases.

How do I backfill HubSpot field data?

If you select a new/additional HubSpot field to sync to Ortto (under Data sources > HubSpot > HubSpot fields), the field will only be populated with data from new (future) updates.

If you wish to backfill the field data, you can select Backfill HubSpot fields, which will populate data for the newly-added HubSpot fields against existing contacts (people) in your CDP. You can access the backfill feature two ways:

  • On the Data sources page, by clicking the  more icon next to your HubSpot account, then Backfill HubSpot fields.
  • In the HubSpot data source view, under Actions > Backfill HubSpot fields.

For example, say you have contact ID data populated in your HubSpot account but you did not set up your HubSpot integration in Ortto to capture contact ID field data. You can add the contact ID field in Data sources > HubSpot > HubSpot fields. Once you have done so, in the HubSpot view, select Actions > Backfill HubSpot fields to backfill the contact ID data for your existing contacts.


  • The Backfill HubSpot fields feature only populates data for contact fields.
  • Backfilling HubSpot fields will put the HubSpot data source into a syncing status, which will turn off any journeys or playbooks (because the data source is not in a connected state). You will need to switch these campaigns back on.

How do I send data from Ortto to HubSpot?

You can send data from Ortto to HubSpot by creating a playbook or journey with Actions that create or update object records, such as an action to change a deal’s status. Learn more about HubSpot actions.

How do I sync additional HubSpot objects to Ortto?

If you wish to change the selection of objects synced from HubSpot to Ortto:

  1. On the Data sources page, click on the HubSpot account you wish to edit.
  2. In the left-hand panel of the data source view, at HubSpot fields, edit the selection.
  3. Click Save to finish.

You can sync a maximum of 5 contact and 5 organization (company) objects (10 objects in total) from HubSpot to Ortto. Objects are identified as either contact or organization objects by their field type — see the description against the object name.

Example object and field list from data source Setup

Objects will sync according to the new configuration at the next data merge.


  • For objects mapped to people (contacts), there is a limit of 100 custom fields, cumulatively, across all objects (the limit of 100 does not include default fields).
  • For objects mapped to organizations, there is a limit of 50 custom fields, cumulatively, across all objects (the limit of 50 does not include default fields).