Working with dashboards

Ortto’s dashboards are used to:

  • Help measure and track the most important metrics in your business.
  • Set goals on specific metrics and measure your progress towards them.

Access the dashboards page

To access Ortto’s Dashboards page:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Ortto.
  2. Click Dashboards in the navigation drawer on the left to open Ortto’s Dashboards page.

NOTE: The dashboard shown is the last one created or viewed, or the top dashboard of the list, which lists all dashboards in alphabetical order.

On the Dashboards page, you can manage all aspects of your Ortto dashboards, including the ability to:

  • manage a dashboard, which includes:
    • viewing a dashboard,
    • customizing a dashboard,
    • sharing a dashboard,
    • displaying a dashboard on TV,
    • downloading a PDF of a dashboard, and
    • configuring email notification updates for a dashboard.

Use default data source dashboards

When you integrate a data source with Ortto, we automatically create a dashboard to help measure and track the data source’s metrics.

Some data source integrations have additional options to choose from when creating a new dashboard, such as shop analytics for an overview of you store’s performance including conversion rate and traffic.

Explore the default dashboards added in Ortto when you connect a relevant data source under Default data source dashboards.