About Ortto

Ortto is a complete marketing automation and analytics platform that empowers marketers to execute impressive campaigns that drive business growth.

The platform combines three powerful tools — your marketing automation, customer data platform, and analytics — and supercharges them with AI.

This guide is for users who want to interact with Ortto through its main user interface (UI).

Key benefits

Whether you’re starting up or scaling out, Ortto can help you:

  • Convert more website traffic into subscribers.
  • Unify customer data to get a complete view of users — including static and event-based attributes.
  • Create sophisticated, real-time audience segments based on all your customer data.
  • Automate messages and actions to target audiences with personalized, timely messages at scale.
  • Have 1-on-1 conversations with customers across live chat and email.
  • Make better, data-informed decisions with powerful reports and dashboards.

Key features

Ortto’s robust platform enables you to consolidate your stack, without compromising on power. Key features include:

NOTE: If you are a developer wanting to interact with Ortto through its API, learn more in the Ortto developer documentation.