Manage conversations

This page describes how to manage conversations in the Talk inbox, including conversation statuses, audio conversations (calls), agent ratings, group conversations, and agent conversation options.

For details on creating conversation messages, read Create a conversation message.

Conversation statuses

Conversations can have 3 states: Open, Snoozed, or Closed.

Only an agent can set a conversation as Closed, at which point the contact/visitor will be notified in the talk widget and will be sent an email containing the conversation transcript.

When an agent closes a conversation:

  • the conversation will disappear from All, My inbox and Unassigned inboxes (and from the team view if teams are enabled), as these inboxes only contain open conversations.

  • an Undo button will be temporarily available for the agent to quickly reopen the conversation. If the agent does not use Undo then they can reopen the conversation from the Closed view by clicking Reopen in the conversation.

A contact/visitor can reopen a conversation by replying to the conversation transcript email. When a conversation is closed for a second time, only the new messages are emailed in the transcript. The email subject is the same, so that their email provider threads the two transcript emails into a single conversation.

Create a message

Learn about creating conversation messages, including comments and AI suggestions at Create a message.

Audio conversations (calls) and screen-sharing

During a live chat (when the contact/visitor is online), an agent can start an audio conversation (call) by clicking the phone icon.

begin call agent

The contact is then presented with the options to accept or reject the call.

Once the call is underway, either the agent or the contact can initiate screen-sharing by clicking the screen share screen icon.

during call agent
Locations where an agent can start and stop screen-sharing

During screen-sharing, a contact or agent can expand or contract their shared screen view by clicking the screen icon.

during screen share contact
Example screen icon for expanding/contracting the shared screen view

Agents and contact can also mute their own voice using the mute mute icon.

Agent ratings

When enabled at Settings  Inbox  Advanced, the Talk messenger widget provides the contact/visitor with a rating widget so they can rate their experience.

The widget allows the contact/visitor to provide an icon rating plus an optional text response.

rating widget

The rating widget will only be sent once, the first time the conversation is closed. If the conversation is re-opened then closed again, the rating widget won’t appear.

If the contact/visitor did not rate the conversation in Talk messenger, they will have a chance to do so when they receive the conversation transcript via email, as the ratings widget will be included.

Group conversations

Group conversations consist of an agent, a primary contact, and one or more secondary contacts. The primary contact is usually the contact who initiated the conversation, and secondary contacts are people who were added when or after the conversation started.

Group conversations can be created either:

  • when an agent adds a contact to an existing conversation


  • if a secondary contact responds via email to a conversation initiated by the primary contact (e.g. the secondary contact was CC’d into the email or it was forwarded to them).

Agent conversation options

Agents can access conversation menu options via the more more icon at the top of the conversation.

agent options

This menu allows you to:

  • Snooze a conversation for a set time period.

  • Get a shareable link for the conversation.

  • Mark the conversation as spam.

  • Edit conversation members.

Mark as spam

When you mark a conversation as spam, it will move the conversation to the Spam view. All future conversations created by the same email address will be marked as spam. This can be undone by marking the conversation as Not spam.

Edit conversation members

This section allows you to control the members of a group conversation.

Use the more more icon next to a contact’s name to view them in the CDP, remove them from the conversation, or make them the primary contact.

Click Add to add another contact to the conversation.

Contacts who are added to the conversation, either via the agent conversation options or via email (such as being CC’d in a conversation reply email) will also receive email transcripts of the conversation.


Tags at the top of a conversation are related to the conversation only, and do not appear in the contact’s view like tags in the contact details panel do.

These tags are useful for adding conversation-specific context, and can be useful as search terms and for building custom views.

To add a tag, click Add tag.

You can also enable automatic tagging for conversations at Settings  Inbox  Advanced.