Tags for conversations

Conversation tags can be used in a similar manner to person and organization tags to help your support team identify different types of issues that customers have raised, or follow-up support required. For example, you might want to create a tag called "Bug" to identify conversations about an issue with your app, or a tag called "Help documentation" to identify feedback or updates that you need to pass on to your Documentation team.

Conversation tags can be assigned a colour and a priority (low, medium, high) to help your team easily find the most commonly-used or most relevant tags. The priority will determine the order in which the tags are listed in the tag selector in your inbox (high priority tags are listed first so they are easier to find, see an example below).

Create conversation tags

To create and manage conversation tags from the tag manager, in the left-hand navigation drawer click More > Tags.

You'll land on the People tags page by default, and you can use the view menu to access the Conversation tags — simply click on the inbox icon.

Click New tag to create a tag. Click the more icon () next to a tag to access the Edit and Delete options.

Once a conversation tag is created, you'll be able to add it to a conversation in your inbox by clicking the add (+) icon and selecting the relevant tags.

View tagged conversations

On the Conversations tags page, you can click a tag's name to view a list of conversations that have that tag applied.