PrestaShop integration

PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with features that allow you to create an online store and grow your business.

Proceed through each of the following procedures to integrate Ortto with your PrestaShop site as a data source.

PrestaShop prerequisites

This integration process assumes you have an operating PrestaShop site, and a PrestaShop user account with SuperAdmin profile privilege access to this site.

Install the Ortto (Autopilot) module in PrestaShop

  1. Access your PrestaShop site’s administration interface (known as PrestaShop’s back office):

    Example back office URL
    https://<your-prestashop-site>/admin091anufki/ (1)
    1 During the installation of PrestaShop, the folder name containing the web application’s back office user inteface (UI) functionality is changed, e.g. admin091anufki in this example, for security reasons. Therefore, your equivalent URL is likely to be different.
  2. Log in with your SuperAdmin profile account.

  3. If the CONFIGURE menu does not indicate an Autopilot item, click Modules  Module Catalog from the IMPROVE menu.
    If the CONFIGURE  Autopilot menu item is available, proceed to Connect from the PrestaShop back office interface.

  4. On the Modules Catalog page, search for 'Autopilot', and press Enter / return to filter for the Autopilot module in the list.

  5. Click Install in the module.

  6. Wait until the CONFIGURE  Autopilot menu item appears (refreshing your page if necessary) before proceeding.

Connect from the PrestaShop back office interface

Use this procedure to complete the integration between Ortto and your PrestaShop site from PrestaShop’s back office (administration) interface, by establishing the connection between the products.

  1. Assuming the Ortto (Autopilot) module in PrestaShop has already been installed, click Autopilot from the CONFIGURE menu.

  2. On the Autopilot page, and click CONNECT.

    If your PrestaShop site had already been connected to an Ortto account, then this step may already indicate this existing connection with the button indicating ALREADY CONNECTED instead of CONNECT.
  3. If you are:

    • signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Accounts page appears, from which you should click the Ortto account (also known as an 'Ortto instance') to integrate with your PrestaShop site.

      There may only be one of these. However, if you have created multiple Ortto accounts with the same sign-in credentials, then each of these Ortto accounts will appear on this page.
    • not yet signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Sign up page appears, from which you should:

      1. Click the Sign in link on this page to open the Ortto Sign in page.

      2. Sign in to Ortto.

      3. Click the Ortto account to integrate with your PrestaShop site (above).

  4. Once the Syncing your data appears, click Done.

That’s it! Your Ortto account is now connected to and integrated with your PrestaShop site.