Troubleshooting Magento 2

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you with common questions or issues you may encounter when using Magento 2 as a data source.

For further assistance, please send an email to our Support team at or lodge a support ticket from your account:

  1. In the left-hand navigation drawer of your Ortto account, click Support.
  2. On the How can we help? page:
    1. Under Quick links, click Submit a support ticket.
    2. Populate the Submit a support ticket form and click Submit ticket when you are done.

Disconnect and delete the data source

You must disconnect and archive a data source before you can delete it.

Disconnecting a data source from Ortto will stop new data from the data source merging with the CDP.

Learn about disconnectingarchiving and deleting a data source under Managing data sources.

Data source already connected

Disconnect, archive, and delete the existing Magento 2 connection before attempting to connect again; the existing data source must be deleted.

Connect more than one Magento 2 store view

If you have more than one Magento 2 store view, you can connect each store view to the same Ortto account (instance). However, you cannot connect the same Magento 2 store view to more than one Ortto instance.

To connect another store view to Ortto, repeat the steps you followed to create the initial connection by:

  1. Having ready the Magento 2 access token for your Ortto integration you initially created, or creating a new integration, then

Magento 2 data source still displays as 'synching' after x minutes/hours

Depending on the amount of records in your Magento 2 account the initial sync may take up to several hours in some cases.