Segment webhook

The Segment webhook data source enables you to have Ortto as a Segment source to send track event data to your Segment account.

The Segment webhook is an outbound-only data stream and is a separate integration to the Segment data source (which is the inbound data stream).

NOTE: This Segment data source is an outbound stream to send event data from Ortto to Segment.

If you wish to setup an inbound data stream (where Ortto receives identify and associated track event data from Segment), you need to configure Segment.

Segment prerequisites

This integration requires having a Segment account for which you have an active HTTP tracking API source. The source’s Write key must be provided to Ortto to establish the connection.

Connect from Ortto

To create your Segment webhook:

  1. On the Data sources page, click New data source.
  2. Under All data sources, select Segment webhook (advanced), then Get started.
  3. On the Setup page, populate the fields:
    • Webhook name — what you wish to name the Segment webhook (can be edited later in the data source’s view).
    • Track event name — this is a name you give to the track event, e.g. Order placed or Email sent.
    • Write key — The unique identifier of the HTTP API source in Segment to which Ortto events will be sent.
  4. Select the Send activity payload checkbox to ensure that any additional activity data that this webhook is triggered by is sent in the payload of its HTTP requests.
  5. At Data ingestion region, select the region in which you need to process and store your Segment data: US or EU. This option enables you to ensure data ingestion occurs in the region in which your Segment workspace is based.
    If you need to change this later, you can do so in the Segment webhook data source settings. (For further information, read Segment’s article on regions.)
  6. At Fields, add any additional attributes that you require.
  7. Click Test to test that the webhook works.
  8. Click Create to finish the Segment webhook setup.

TIP: Once you click Test, you can use the Segment source debugger to check that the test event was successfully received by Segment.

What does the data source add to my account?

Creating the Segment webhook adds:

  • A playbook and journey action Send to webhook for Segment.
  • The ability to select activity events to Segment. Set an activity’s Data destination to Segment webhook.

NOTE: Each activity configured to send data to the Segment webhook (the activity’s data destination) counts as 1 outbound activity stream, for billing purposes.

The number of outbound activity streams included in your Ortto plan, and the option to purchase additional streams, depends on your Ortto plan.

How is the data synced from Ortto?

When the Segment webhook is configured as the destination for activity data or playbook and journey actions, data is synced from Ortto to Segment in real time as activity events occur.

Access the Segment webhook data source view

When a data source is connected, you are provided with a data source view. On the Data sources page, click the data source you wish to view.

A data source’s view is the administration page where you can view the webhook activity overview and logs, and:

  • give the data source a new name (this will not affect your Segment webhook settings). To do so, hover over the name and click the pencil icon, then type the new name and click on a blank area of the page to save the name.
  • disconnect the data source by clicking Actions  Disconnect.
  • edit the Track event name and Write key.
  • modify the Fields included in the webhook payload.

Learn more about the data source view under Managing data sources.

Using Segment webhook

Creating a Segment webhook allows you to forward your Ortto data onto your other analytics tools via Segment so it can be analyzed on all the platforms you use. Use the Segment webhook to:

  • Send marketing data to your analytics tools.
  • Share survey results with other teams, such as your customer support team.
  • Collect customer data from connected data sources and send it to your analytics tools.
  • Trigger notifications on important events in a customer journey.

Troubleshooting Segment webhook

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you with common questions or issues you may encounter when using Segment webhook as a data source.

For further assistance, please contact our Support team:

  1. In the left-hand navigation drawer of your Ortto account, click Support.
  2. On the How can we help? page:
    1. Under Quick links, click Chat with support.
    2. Type your message in the Talk messenger widget to start a conversation with our team.

Disconnect and delete the data source

You must disconnect and archive a data source before you can delete it.

Disconnecting a data source from Ortto will stop new data from the data source merging with the CDP.

Learn about disconnectingarchiving and deleting a data source under Managing data sources.

Create more than one Segment webhook

You can create more than one Segment webhook, such as where you want to send separate track events for a number Ortto activities. Or you could create one for each journey and playbook Send to webhook action.