Troubleshooting Chargebee

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you with common questions or issues you may encounter when using Chargebee as a data source.

For further assistance, please contact our Support team:

  1. In the left-hand navigation drawer of your Ortto account, click Support.
  2. On the How can we help? page:
    1. Under Quick links, click Chat with support.
    2. Type your message in the Talk messenger widget to start a conversation with our team.

Disconnect and delete the data source

You must disconnect and archive a data source before you can delete it.

Disconnecting a data source from Ortto will stop new data from the data source merging with the CDP.

Learn about disconnectingarchiving and deleting a data source under Managing data sources.

Data source already connected

Disconnect, archive, and delete the existing Chargebee connection before attempting to connect again; the existing data source must be deleted.

Connect more than one Chargebee account

Ortto can connect to only one Chargebee account at a time. To connect to another Chargebee account, you must first disconnect and delete the data source for the current Chargebee account.

Error when attempting to connect Chargebee after entering an API key

Double check that the API key you’ve entered has full-access permissions set in Chargebee.

In Chargebee, find the key you’ve created under navigate to Settings  Configure Chargebee  API Keys and Webhooks and the access level for that API key will be displayed on the page; it must be full-access.

Chargebee data source still displays as 'syncing' after x minutes/hours

Depending on the amount of records in your Chargebee account the initial sync may take up to several hours in some cases.