Teams and members

You can create up to 20 teams to handle different types of conversations, such as a team for each sales and customer support.

Each agent can be a member of more than one team.

Each team has an email address that it sends from for email handoff, such as "" for a customer support team.

NOTE: If you are using a custom domain to send handoff emails and the custom domain cannot be found, Ortto will fallback to the default domain you set. If your default domain cannot be found, Ortto will fallback to the system default (

Learn more about Custom domain names.

If a conversation is assigned to an agent it must also be assigned to a team so that email handoff can be sent from the appropriate email address.

If you have created teams, conversations must be assigned to teams. When creating a team where you already have existing conversations, you must assign the existing conversation to a team. Similarly, if you delete a team, you must transfer that team’s conversations to another team. (Where you have no teams, you are not required to assign conversations to teams.)

Create a team

At Settings > Inbox > Teams and members:

  1. Click New team.
  2. Configure the team as required, including setting the team’s email address and members (agents).
  3. Click Add team to save the team.

Once the team is created, you can edit or delete it by clicking on the more icon and selecting the required action.

Set a team’s office hours and response times

Each team can use the default office hours and response times you have set at Settings > Inbox > Office hours and response times to determine when they are shown as “Online” or “Away”. Or, you can set different office hours and response times for each team. 

NOTE: The default team's office hours will be used by the Talk messenger widget to tell visitors when you are online.

Once a conversation has started, the conversation will be assigned to the relevant team. At this point, the assigned team's office hours will be used to show the team's status and expected response time (if set).

Learn more about office hours and response times.

To manage a team’s office hours and response times:

  1. On the Teams page (via Settings > Inbox > Teams and members), click the more (...) icon next to a team you want to manage.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. At Office hours & response times, select:
    • Use default office hours & response times to use your default settings.
    • Set custom office hours & response times to create a custom configuration for this team. Learn more about the office hours and response times settings.
  4. Click Save to finish.

NOTE: If a person has their conversation assigned to Team A, and an agent in that team reassigns the conversation to Team B during Team B’s “away” hours, the person will not receive an automated message communicating this. It will be up to the agent who is reassigning the conversation to notify the person when they can expect a response from Team B.