Email suppression list

A suppression list is used to store a list of contact email addresses that are considered suppressed, meaning that email messages cannot be sent to the listed addresses.

Access the email suppression list page via Settings > Customer data > Email suppression list.

An email address can be added to the suppression list either directly from the Email suppression list page, or via a journey action (Archive & suppress), or by meeting an associated criteria in your sunset policy.


  • Adding an email address to the suppression list won’t automatically archive or unsubscribe the associated person in your CDP.
  • Deleting a contact whose email address is on the suppression list will not automatically remove their email address from the list.
  • Only Admin roles (and custom user roles with suppression list permission) can manage the suppression list.
  • The amount of email addresses you can store in the suppression list is 2 times your account’s contact limit (e.g. 40,000 suppressed emails for an account with a contact limit of 20,000 contacts). 

Create an email suppression list

On the Email suppression list page, click:

  • Import CSV to create a list from a CSV, XLS or XLSX file.
  • Add emails to create a list from one or more email addresses. Use a comma between email addresses to separate each entry.

If you are importing a CSV/XLS/XLSX file that contains more than one column, during the upload process (at Map) you will need to select which column contains email addresses.

View the email suppression list

When entries are added to the email suppression list, you will see values in the Reason and Date columns.

The Reason tells you how the entry was added to the list:

  • Email added manually by <user> – The specified user added the entry using the Add emails option.
  • Imported CSV by <user> – The specified user added the entry via a CSV import.
  • Journey action: <Journey name> – The entry was added as a result of an Archive action (set to Archive & suppress contacts) in the linked journey.
  • Sunset policy – The entry was added as a result of the person performing an action specified in the Sunset policy.

You can view entries relating to one or more reasons by clicking Filter, then select (or deselect) the reasons you want to view.

The Date column tells you when the person was added to the list.

Remove an email from the suppression list

To remove an entry from the email suppression list, select the more icon (...) next to an entry, then click Remove from list.

Alternatively, select the checkbox next to one or more entries and click Remove from list.

You can also remove a person’s email from the list when you are viewing their profile.

On the person’s view, you’ll see a red banner indicating that their email address is on the suppression list. Click Remove email from list.

Export list

You can export a list of the emails on the suppression list by clicking on the more icon (...) > Export list

The exported list will be a CSV file containing the email addresses (no reason or dates included).