Contact details and activities

The right-hand sidebar contains contact details and activities.

Where a contact is known (already exists in your CDP), the Contact and Activities tabs will be populated with key details and recent activities. These are same as the key details seen in a contact’s profile in your CDP.

Users at an Admin or Manager level can edit the sidebar settings using Customize sections, and any settings updates will be reflected for all agents.


The contact sidebar header contains contact’s name and key details including organization (if present), location and local time. It also indicates the contact’s online/offline status.

Hover over the authentication icon to view the contact’s authentication status.

The contact’s authentication status tells you if a contact has verified their identity. A Verified status means that the contact is signed-in your website or app, while Not verified means that the contact is not signed-in and has only provided basic identifying information (such as their email address). This will help you determine whether it’s safe to communicate sensitive information, such as billing details, during the conversation.

You can use Ortto’s public API to set a contact as Verified when they are signed-in so that you know the contact is secure and that you have access to all of that contact’s data. Learn more about verifying contacts via the API in Ortto’s Developer docs.

Other conversations

This section lists the other conversations associated with the contact (open, snoozed or closed). Clicking on the conversation name will take you to that conversation.

Contact and organization sections

The Contact and Organization sections display key details about the contact and their associated organization (if available).

Some field values can be added or edited by hovering over the blank area or existing value and clicking Add value or the  edit icon as required.

Contact notes

Under Contact notes, you can add notes relevant to the customer which will only be available on the contact’s view (the contact will not be able to see the notes). This section will also show any existing notes created in the Activities tab of contact’s view.

This is a good place to add notes for other agents who might converse with the customer, such as bespoke features or limits a customer might have on their account.

Notes added in the inbox can be edited and deleted in either the contact details panel or in the contact’s CDP view, and changes will be reflected in both locations.

Contact tags

Under Contact tags, add tags to the customer, such as if you wish them to enter a particular audience based on a tag. For example, for a contact who qualifies as a lead you might add a "Nurture" tag so they meet the entry criteria for a nurture-type journey.

This section will also show any existing tags associated with the contact which you can see in their view under Tags.

Take care if deleting tags from the inbox, as doing so will affect the person’s membership in any audiences built on tags.

Customize sections

Users who are Admin or Managers can click Customize sections to reorder existing sections and add sections from the available options as required. As with a contact’s profile in the CDP, you can also customize the details visible in the sections. To do so:

  1. Click on Customize sections.
  2. Sections with an  edit icon can be edited to show or hide relevant fields.
  3. Click the  re-order icon to drag items from the Hidden list into the Visible section (or vice versa).
  4. When finished, click Save.

To add a new section:

  1. Click on Customize sections > New section.
  2. Type a name for the new section, then click the tick icon.
  3. Once the new section appears in the sections list, click the  edit icon next to the section’s name to configure it.
  4. Click the  re-order icon to drag items from the Hidden list into the Visible section (or vice versa).
  5. When finished, click Save.


The activities tab show recent activities for contacts that are known (they exist in your CDP).