Unique identifiers

Ortto’s unique identifiers enable you to control how each individual person and organization record (including those added from data source integrations) is recognized in your Ortto account’s customer data platform (CDP).

The unique identifiers enable Ortto to determine, when importing people (contacts) and organizations, which records are unique and which are duplicates.

How do unique identifiers work?

By default, Ortto sets Email as your primary person identifier, with Phone number as a fallback.

When importing people, Ortto will compare incoming records with those already in your CDP. Using the default values as an example, the import will check:

  • Does the incoming person’s Email value matches an existing record?

Then if not,

  • Does the person’s Phone number value match an existing record?

If no match is found, the incoming person is added as a new record to your CDP.

If a match is found, it will be handled according to the merge strategy you selected.

Set your unique identifiers

At Settings > Customer data > Unique identifiers, select up to two unique identifiers for each people and organization records. The fields you can choose as unique identifiers can be Ortto’s system fields, fields associated with one of your integrated data sources, or custom fields.

The fields that can be used as unique identifiers must be text-type (string) fields or a phone number. Learn more about field types in Fields.

Use the trash icon to remove the optional second identifier as needed.

TIP: When choosing your unique identifiers, consider the following:

  • How might your selected identifiers impact the records you are importing and your merge strategy? Consider a scenario where you have two records that have a different email but match by phone number. If the primary identifier is set to email, and no fallback is selected for the phone number, both records will be created as there is no match to existing records.
  • How might your selected identifiers impact your matches for existing records? For example, could an identifier you choose be missing for a number of records, and potentially cause duplicates?