Autopilot: Pipedrive FAQ

Below is a collection of common questions we receive regarding Autopilot's Pipedrive integration.

What does Autopilot sync?

When you connect all of your Pipedrive "person" contacts will be synced to Autopilot.

How does the sync work?

The sync is bi-directional. So if you update a contact in one system, it will be automatically updated in the other system.

How do I add contacts created in Autopilot to Pipedrive?

If you add a new contact in Autopilot, they won't automatically be synced with Pipedrive.

You need to either add them to the Pipedrive Contacts list, or have them flow through a Pipedrive action. Learn more.

Why is my initial sync taking a long time?

Due to API limitations imposed by Pipedrive, the experience for those of you with 10,000 or more contacts may be impacted (e.g. longer initial sync time).

Are you listed on the Pipedrive Marketplace?

Yes, you can view our listing here.

What are the Pipedrive specific triggers, actions and conditions?

This question is answered here.

If someone flows into a Pipedrive action, and they don't yet exist in Pipedrive, will they be created in Pipedrive?

Yes, except for the Update Pipedrive Field action and the Update Deal Stage action, a contact will be created in Pipedrive if someone flows into the Pipedrive action who does not yet exist in Pipedrive.

These are: Add Deal, Assign Person Owner and Schedule Activity.

What happens when a contact can't be synced to Pipedrive?

This question is answered here.

How do I delete a synced contact?

Delete them in Pipedrive. To prevent accidental deletion, we do not allow deletion of Pipedrive contacts from Autopilot.

How can I remove a contact from the Pipedrive Contacts list?

The Pipedrive Contacts reflects all contacts currently in Pipedrive. So to remove them from this list they would need to be deleted in Pipedrive.

How often does Autopilot sync with Pipedrive?

The sync is instant, so if you make a change in one system it will be reflected in the other system immediately.

Autopilot is supposed to de-duplicate contact records, so why do I have multiple records in Autopilot for the same person?

Autopilot prevents duplicates from being added on its end. If you had duplicate records in Pipedrive when you connected to Autopilot, or duplicates are added directly to Pipedrive after connecting to Autopilot, these will be reflected in your Autopilot account. To remove these duplicates, please delete them in Pipedrive.

Who is assigned contacts that Autopilot adds to Pipedrive?

This depends on how you add the contact to Pipedrive. Learn more.

If your workflow in Autopilot doesn't specify who should be assigned the contact (i.e. you're simply adding contacts to the Pipedrive Contacts list) they will be assigned by default to the person who connected Pipedrive to Autopilot.

If you use the Assign Person Owner action to add a contact to Pipedrive, you can assign them to a specific owner.

It is made by what's called the Pipedrive "Person ID". We retrieve IDs on initial sync, and then on an ongoing basis as records are added to Pipedrive and synced with Autopilot.

When contacts enter Autopilot by means other than a Pipedrive sync, we de-duplicate based on email address. So, for example, if you already have someone synced from Pipedrive with a particular email address, and they submit a form on your website, that new record will be merged in Autopilot automatically, and ultimately synced with the existing Pipedrive record.

If you have a contact with identical emails in Pipedrive however, they would be given a unique ID, and would be synced into Autopilot as separate records. For this reason, please ensure you manage duplicate records on the Pipedrive end carefully. If you need to delete them, please do so on the Pipedrive end.

Do fields in Pipedrive with no value show in Autopilot?

No, we do not display fields with no value (i.e. fields that are empty) on the contact record in Autopilot. They will only be displayed if they have a value.

What is the "apId" field I see in Pipedrive?

We add this to facilitate the sync between Pipedrive and Autopilot. Please do not delete this field.

Why am I getting an error that says "API Error: request over limit", and how do I fix this?

Pipedrive imposes a rate limit according to your Pipedrive account plan. You may see the error when performing mass updates to your contacts via a Journey that has Pipedrive actions or Update Field action. The Pipedrive API is limited in that it does not have a "bulk" update option, so we have to send updates for your contacts individually with each API request.

Autopilot will automatically retry an update to Pipedrive if it encounters an API limit error.

If you have to update field values for a large set of contacts, one option would be to import that data into Pipedrive and have the values automatically sync into Autopilot by using the field mappings.