Ortto takes storage of your data very seriously and we take several measures to ensure that you do not experience any data loss when using our products.

Ortto regularly tests restores from our backup system in accordance with our Backup recovery policy and Disaster recovery plan.

Regular backups

Ortto’s databases are configured to be automatically backed up on a regular basis. All backups are encrypted.

The backed-up data is securely transferred to multiple cloud platforms, so in the event that the primary platform were to completely fail, the entire system can be restored in reduced time, and the risk of data loss is reduced.

Data is replicated across multiple data centers

The Ortto application runs in AWS.

Your Ortto account (instance) data is primarily stored in one AWS Region. The region in which your data is stored depends on the data hosting location (regulatory domain) you chose when you signed up to Ortto: United States (default), European Union, or Australia.

The AWS regions are as follows:

  • US = us-east-2 (Ohio, USA)
  • AU = ap-southeast-2 (Sydney, AU)
  • EU = eu-central-1 (Frankfurt, DE).

Each of the regions has multiple Availability zones which we replicate between. An Availability Zone is a physically separate data center. This means that a failure of one Availability Zone (for example, because of a power outage or a natural disaster) should not impact the other two.

Backups are made within each AWS Region, and we replicate those backups to GCP in another physical location within that same regulatory domain (the same region but a different city).

The GCP Regions are:

  • US = us-central1 (Iowa, USA)
  • AU = australia-southeast2 (Melbourne, AU)
  • EU = europe-west4 (Eemshaven, NL).

The specific regions and zones in AWS and GCP we use are subject to change, but will remain within the same regulatory domain.

Therefore, it would take multiple data centres to fail, thereby preventing the databases housing your data from being read and written to. A data loss across all regions has never happened before. See the Disaster recovery plan for what will happen if it does. 

Backup data storage for unified Autopilot Journeys customers

Customers who have had their Autopilot Journeys account unified with their Ortto account have their data stored with Rackspace Technology and Bigtable (part of the Google Cloud portfolio).

Backup retention and GDPR

Ortto retains backups containing customer data for a maximum of 29 days. This length of time was chosen because if you receive a GDPR request to remove data from your database, it will automatically be removed from backups within the mandatory time of 30 days without having to manipulate the backups themselves.

Learn more about data protection and compliance at Ortto.

A backup containing meta data can be retained longer than 29 days since it does not include personally identifiable customer data.

Data encryption at Ortto

All data handled by Ortto are encrypted both in-transit and at-rest.

Data in transit, such as internal API calls, are encrypted using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). This ensures that communication to and from Ortto is encrypted and authenticated using transport layer security (TSL) protocol. Learn about how HTTPS works in this Cloudflare article.

Data at-rest, including data backups, is encrypted using industry best practices.