Recurly integration

Installing the Recurly data source

Creating a Private API Key

During installation you’ll be asked for a Private API key. You can generate a private API key by taking the following steps in your Recurly account:

  1. Login to Recurly
  2. Select Integrations > API Credentials
  3. Select in the top right Add Private API Key.
  4. Give the API key a name that is memorable and Save.
  5. You will now have a private API key to copy into Ortto.
Example API key information in Recurly

Creating a Recurly Endpoint

The second step in the setup process is creating a Recurly endpoint.

  1. In Recurly, navigate to Integrations > Webhooks
  2. Click Configure in the top right hand corner of the web hooks screen.
  3. On the next screen select New Endpoint.
  4. Give the endpoint a name. This can be anything you like and then copy and paste the ENDPOINT URL, HTTP AUTH USERNAME, and HTTP AUTH PASSWORD into the fields from the setup instructions in Ortto.
  5. Once this is completed you can continue to the next step in the installation process in Ortto.