Conversion destinations

The conversion destinations feature enables you to send system, data source (such as Shopify) and custom activity events to your Google Ads account.

Once you have enabled conversion destinations for a particular activity, events associated with the activity can be sent as conversion data to Google Ads. This allows you to create ad campaigns in Google Ads linked to the custom conversion action sent from Ortto.

The way that Ortto sends conversion data depends on 2 events occurring:

  • A contact clicks your Google ad within the click-through conversion window period you set (e.g. 30 days), and
  • The contact performs the activity you have enabled with conversion destinations (e.g. places an order in your store, where Placed order is the activity you have conversion destinations enabled for).

Once these two activities have occurred in the required time period, Ortto processes then sends the conversion data to be captured in your Google Ads console, under Conversions, as a Conversion action.


  • Ortto will only send conversion data to the Google Ads for activity events that are associated with a contact in your CDP. Anonymous conversion events will not be sent to Google Ads.
  • You can enable conversion destinations on up to 5 activities.

To enable conversion destinations:

  1. Click Add destination.
  2. Select the Ad network (e.g. Google Ads).
  3. Add a name (required) and a description (optional) for your conversion activity, then choose the Category.
  4. Click Show advanced options to configure your category settings as required. Learn more about attribution models under Attribution model in Attribution.


    • Where an activity has a monetary value, such as with a Placed order-type activity, the value of the activity will be stored as the conversion Value you select in the conversion destination setup. If Use different values for each conversion is selected, the Conversion value attribute will be set to Price and the monetary value of the activity will be the conversion value (e.g. $1).
    • Otherwise, select Use the same value for each conversion to set a conversion value (or Don’t use value to not record a value).
  5. Click OK to complete the conversion destination setup.


  • There is a wait time imposed by Google that means after a custom conversion action is first created in Ortto (the first time you enable Conversion destinations for a particular activity), it takes 6 hours until activity events are uploaded to your Google Ads account.
  • Once the custom conversion action is created, each time a conversion event is recorded, it will take around 3 to 6 hours for the data to appear in your Google Ads account.

Here is an example of the Google conversion action showing the conversion setup details:

Example Google conversion action showing conversion setup details

How does user association work for conversion destinations?

Conversion events are registered for any user that can be associated with an Ortto contact.

For example, you run an e-commerce business selling home decor via Shopify and you create your ad campaigns using Google Ads. You’ve integrated your Shopify account with Ortto and placed a capture form on your website. You want to send customer purchase data to Google Ads, so you enable Conversion destinations for Google Ads in the Shopify Placed order activity in your Ortto account.

From this scenario, Ortto can associate the customer with the conversion in 2 ways:

  • When the customer completes the capture form and makes a purchase on your site, the data submitted in the form (e.g. name, email address) is associated with the person’s web session and the activity (Placed order), and can be sent as a conversion.
  • If the customer does not fill in the capture form but makes a purchase, Ortto can identify the person based on the data included in the checkout process (e.g. name, email address) because you have Shopify integrated with your Ortto account. This placed order can also be sent as a conversion.