Autopilot: How does the Advanced Editor work?

Below are a series of short videos demonstrating how to use the Advanced Editor. It provides the easiest and quickest way to design elegant, mobile responsive emails. For a more detailed tutorial we also recommend downloading our guide.

Looking for something else in regards to Autopilot's email features?Learn more here.

Create a new blank email

Drop the Send Email action and then follow the steps below:

Start from a pre-made template

Configure email settings (e.g. subject)

Re-arrange, duplicate and remove content

Add and edit images

Use the text editor

Add merge tags (otherwise known as personalization variables)

Add a customized unsubscribe link

In order to comply with our acceptable use policy, you must include an unsubscribe link in your emails. You can learn more about email permissions in the FAQ. You can customize the text, position, size and color of the unsubscribe link in each of your emails. However, you must ensure it is clear and conspicuous.

If you don't add a customized unsubscribe link, Autopilot will automatically add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails.

Add links

Save an email as a template

Templates can be used as a starting point when creating a new email. You can save any email as a template by following the steps below:

If you want to replace an existing template with a new version, just enter the same name as the existing template when saving it. You'll then be asked to confirm if you want to replace the existing template.

Preview your email on desktop and mobile

Send a test email


What is the difference between the Advanced Editor and Basic Editor?

This question is answered here.

What is the file size limit for image uploads?

It is 12mb.