Autopilot: How do I turn off click tracking?

All links in emails sent via Autopilot are automatically tracked. This enables you to see which contacts click on a link. Click tracking is made possible by Autopilot taking your links and automatically converting them into unique tracking links, which ultimately redirect to the URL that you specified in the email. This approach is used industry wide.

In general we recommend against turning off click tracking, as you will lose valuable data that can be used to measure the performance of your emails, among other things. However, in some circumstances you may still wish to do so.

There are two options available:

To do this, you need to edit your email's HTML before you import it. Add the attribute inside the <a> tag of any link that you do not wish to track.

Here's an example:


<a data-notrack="1" href="">signup</a>

And here's the above example in context:

Note: the above can be helpful if you're using Apple's "Universal Deep Links". They do not currently support redirects.

2. Turn off click tracking for all emails

Click tracking can also be turned off for of your emails. If you would like click tracking turned off on your account please contact our support team.