Autopilot: Advanced Options - Segment Destination

You can access Segment's advanced options here.

Add a new contact or append to an existing contact on all Identify calls

Default configuration: on

A new contact will be added to Autopilot (or new information appended to an existing contact if they already exist) on all Identify calls received from Segment.

If you turn this off, Autopilot will only add new contacts when you send a Track call with the Identify call.

Learn more about how to create Journeys in Autopilot using Segment here.

Alias Autopilot's Contact ID with Segment's User ID

Default configuration: off

By default we don’t send out an Alias call linking the Segment User ID with the Autopilot Contact ID. If you would like to link the two IDs, please enable this option.​

​We will send out an Alias call each time we receive an Identify call or Track call when this option is enabled.

Do not send an Identify call as part of the Send Event action

Default configuration: off

By default when you send an event (i.e. a Track call) from Autopilot using Eventaction we will send an Identify call along with it.

You can enable this option if you'd prefer not to send an Identify along with the event.