Autopilot: What is the difference between the Advanced Editor and Basic Editor?

When you create an email you'll notice that the options are divided into two categories: "Advanced Editor" and "Basic Editor":

Below is a break down of the differences between each editor, as well as recommendations for when you might use each of them.

Advanced Editor


  • Drag and drop entire rows or individual content elements (e.g. images)
  • Duplicate and rearrange everything quickly
  • Fully customize email styling (e.g. background and link color)
  • Create and customize call-to-action buttons
  • Add social media links
  • Add, resize and edit images
  • Save emails as templates

Recommended for people who:

  • Want to create completely custom emails with no coding (use the "Start Blank" option).
  • Want to create beautiful emails with as little effort as possible¬†(use the "Start From a Template" option).

Learn more about the Advanced Editor here.

Basic Editor


  • Simple text editor with basic formatting options
  • Add and resize images

Recommended for people who:

  • Want to create simple, personal emails that look like they came from a regular email client such as Gmail (use the "Start Blank" option).
  • Are familiar with HTML and prefer to code emails manually (use the "Upload HTML option").