Autopilot: Import an HTML email template

How do I make my HTML email template editable in Autopilot?

If you want to be able to make changes to your email template in Autopilot (i.e. edit text and images), you can learn how to do so here. Please ensure you do thisuploading your template to Autopilot if you want it to be editable.

You can download examples of a mobile responsive templates with Autopilot's editable tags here.

How do I import an HTML email template?

You can learn how to do so here.

What file types does Autopilot accept?

Autopilot accept two types of file upload:

  • an HTML file on its own;
  • ZIP file containing an HTML file and a folder of images (please make sure the folder is called "images").

If you choose the former option (i.e. just an HTML file) please ensure that your images reference full URLs that are hosted online to ensure that they display properly in Autopilot. When you upload your template, we will download the images from these URLs and upload them to our server (that way if you accidentally deleted them, the images in your email will always display correctly). 

Does Autopilot support all HTML email templates?

Yes, Autopilot supports all HTML email templates.

Does Autopilot support separate CSS files?

No, Autopilot currently only supports inline CSS and in style tags.

Does Autopilot support responsive email templates?

Yes. Autopilot sends your HTML exactly as you upload it, so if your template is responsive, then that's exactly how we'll send it.

Include the following to add a custom unsubscribe link to your email template:


<a href="--unsubscribe--">Your custom unsubscribe text</a>

Please note that if you added editable tags, you can add the custom unsubscribe link in Autopilot when composing your email by following these instructions.

I'm not familiar with HTML. How can I build a custom email template?

You can use the Advanced Editor to create completely custom, responsive and beautiful emails with no coding.