Autopilot: Condition - Check Email Status

This condition allows you to check whether a contact has interacted with a specific email before they move to the next step. The following outcomes are available:

  • Has opened
  • Has not opened
  • Has clicked
  • Has not clicked
  • Has been sent
  • Has not been sent
  • Has replied
  • Has not replied

Note: for the purposes of "has clicked" and "has not clicked", this means any link in the email (except for the unsubscribe link). If you'd like to take action based on the click of a specific link, we recommend viewing this template which demonstrates how to do so.

Let's take a look at an example. Imagine you are sending a lead nurture email, and want to send a different email based on whether the lead opens it or not. You would do the following:

As shown above, remember to allow contacts an opportunity to take the action (e.g. opening the email) by using the Add Delay action before using the Check Email Status condition.