Autopilot: Can I re-use an existing email?

Once you've formatted an email to your liking, you canĀ duplicate it (i.e. copy it) and use it as a base for a new email. This technique is recommended if you've already sent the existing email, because contacts can only be sent the same email once by default.

How to duplicate anĀ email

  1. In the Journey, click on the email shape of the email you want to duplicate and select Manage Existing:

2. On the right-hand side, click the down arrow on the email you want to duplicate and click duplicate:

3. Make all the relevant changes (if any) and click Publish & Exit

NOTE: We strongly recommend giving the duplicated email a unique name and subject line (in addition to your content changes to the body of the email).

If you're using the Advanced Editor, you can also save emails as templates. Learn more here.