Migrating from Autopilot Journeys

Autopilot Journeys customers whose accounts have been upgraded to Ortto can read the latest information about their unified account in the Autopilot Journeys to Ortto welcome guide.

As of April 2021 there are two product editions of Ortto:

  • Autopilot Journeys (first released in 2015)
  • Autopilot (April 2021 release), renamed to Ortto in March 2022

Both products will continue to be maintained and updated. Eventually Journeys and Ortto will be merged and a migration path will be provided.

It’s important to think of the products as unique for the time being, and for that reason:

  • There is no automated migration path between the two products. You’ll need to setup Ortto from scratch.
  • Each product has its own user account system, so you’ll need to sign up as a new user to each product.
  • There is no overlap between billing systems, you’ll need to re-enter billing information and subscribe to Ortto if it meets your needs.
  • The pricing models are unique between the products. Comparisons are hard because they offer different features and capabilities.

Why migrate?

If Autopilot Journeys is fulfilling your use cases there is no need to migrate.

In some cases it will make sense to strongly consider migrating:

  • If your business sells online via Shopify or another ecommerce platform;
  • If you are a SaaS business who uses Stripe or Recurly;
  • If you are interested in more advanced reporting, dashboards and an improved data model; or
  • If you prefer the new product and its Playbooks feature over Journeys.

What should I consider before migrating?

We recommend you try the new Ortto and its relevant features before you consider migration. You can sign up for a free account to test all the features of the product. The free plan is restricted to up to 2,000 contacts.

What happens if I decide to migrate?

If you decide to migrate you can request a migration credit so you can use both products at the same time to make the process easier without paying for two subscriptions. This means:

  • You will need to buy an appropriate plan of the new Ortto to complete the migration
  • At the end of the credit period you will need to decide to keep paying for Autopilot Journeys or cancel your account

To apply for a migration credit, please contact Ortto support with this request by either:

  • Submitting an in-product support ticket through Get Help  How can we help?  Quick links  Submit a support ticket, or
  • Emailing Ortto support at help@ortto.com

What if I’m on an annual Autopilot Journeys plan and want to migrate?

When you are ready to migrate you can request the pre-paid annual amount is applied as credit to your new Ortto account. You subscription rate may change and the credit will be used until exhausted. It’s important to remember:

  • There is no annual or quarterly plans in the new Ortto, all billing is month to month.
  • If an annual plan credit is transferred over this amount is non-refundable and cannot be transferred back.