Autopilot: Add and manage custom fields

What are Autopilot's standard fields?

Autopilot’s standard fields are:

Email, First Name, Last Name, Salutation, Company, Number of Employees, Title, Industry, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Website, Mailing Street, Mailing City, Mailing State, Mailing Postal Code, Mailing Country, Lead Owner*, Lead Source, Lead Status, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Note, the Lead Owner field is primarily displayed for contacts that are linked with your CRM (Salesforce / Pipedrive). Use a custom field to store an Owner if you do not have Autopilot connected with a CRM. 

How to add a custom field

If you need fields other than the standard fields above, you can add them in Settings by following the steps demonstrated below:

Learn more about the date format that Autopilot accepts here.

How to edit or delete a custom field

You can edit or delete custom fields, by clicking the respective icons below when hovering on a field:

You can also use the "Manage" button to mass select fields:

Once you have edited or deleted a field, contacts will be updated to reflect the change. Please note that:

  • if you delete a field, any data stored in this field on contacts will be permanently removed; and
  • if you edit a field, ensure that you have selected the correct data type before proceeding, as any contact with data in this field that does not meet the selected data type will have the data removed.

A progress bar will be displayed while the changes are being applied:

The time that this takes varies based on the number of contacts that you have, and how many of them have value for that field. You can still use Autopilot (including the Contacts app) while the change is progress, however we recommend against publishing any Journeys that rely on the change until it has completed.

Note that you can close Autopilot while the changes are in progress and come back later.

How to add a custom field value to a contact

Custom fields are only displayed on a contact if they have a value; in other words, they are not shown if they are empty.

When adding or editing a contact, you can add a value to a custom field by following the steps below:

You can also update custom fields in Journeys using the Update Field action.