Autopilot: Dates and timezone

Account timezone

Your account's timezone is set the first time that you login to Autopilot based on your computer's timezone setting. It is not currently possible to view or change your account timezone; this will be available in a future release. In the meantime, if you would like to find out your account's timezone, or have it changed, please contact support.

Please note that account timezone is only used in certain circumstances, which are outlined below. It does not affect how dates are displayed in Autopilot. For example, when you view the Activity Feed or date fields on contacts profiles, these are displayed relative to your computer's current timezone setting. This allows you to travel and always see these dates relative to your current timezone.

Date inputs and outputs


Autopilot accepts dates via API in the ISO8601 format. If timezone isn't specified, we'll default to UTC/GMT. Learn more here.

While we accept dates in whatever timezone you provide, we always return dates in UTC/GMT time. It is up to you to convert those dates to the timezone you need after they are retrieved from Autopilot.


When you import contacts any dates will have their timezone set based on your account's timezone.

Email and other messages

Dates will be output in emails and other messages (e.g. SMS and Headsup) based on your account's timezone. Learn how to customize the way that dates are output here. As noted in that article, you can display the timezone they are being displayed in to ensure recipients are clear about the time.

Date-based smart segments

Date-based smart segments are calculated based on your account's timezone. For example, had a custom "Registration date" field, and you created a smart segment "Registration date is today", the "day" would be based on your account's timezone.