Ortto developer documentation

This documentation is for developers who want to use and leverage the Ortto application programming interface (API) to manage peopleorganizationsactivities, and other data programmatically from their own applications.

About the Ortto API

The Ortto API is an HTTP-based REST-like API, whereby calls or requests are made by your application to Ortto through an HTTP resource and appropriate method, and Ortto responds with a relevant JSON response.

Service endpoint

The Ortto API’s service endpoint is the base URL that this API service is available through:


All URIs of the Ortto API are relative to this service endpoint.

NOTE: Ortto customers who have their instance region set to Australia or Europe will need to use specific service endpoints relative to the region:

  • Australia: https://api.au.ap3api.com/
  • Europe: https://api.eu.ap3api.com/

For example: https://api.eu.ap3api.com/v1/

All other Ortto users will use the default service endpoint (https://api.ap3api.com/).

About this documentation

Ortto’s developer documentation (docs) is divided into the following sections:

  • Developer guide — this section shows you how to get started with using the Ortto API and provides use-case guidelines on how your applications can interact with Ortto’s API.
  • API reference — this section provides a reference of all API endpoints available in Ortto’s API, along with descriptions of all valid parameters, request body fields, and response body values.

NOTE: If you are looking for documentation on how to interact with Ortto through its user interface (UI), learn more in the Ortto user guide.