Zendesk person fields

Zendesk end users and customers are merged as people (contacts) into your customer data platform (CDP) on the initial connection with Zendesk.

Working with Zendesk contacts

You can view or filter your Zendesk contacts in your CDP on the People page.

Customize the field visibility and add Zendesk fields by clicking the cog icon, then select or clear the fields you want to show or hide.

Apply filters using the Zendesk person fields or activities to view the Zendesk contacts in your people list who match the filter criteria. Learn more about Zendesk activities under Zendesk activities and attributes.

To filter people by the Zendesk person fields:

  1. On the the People page, click Filter.
  2. Select Zendesk contact, then select the fields to wish to use as filter conditions.
  3. Click Done.

Learn more about creating filters under Working with filters.

Person fields added from Zendesk

This table lists the Zendesk person fields that are added to your Ortto account after integrating Ortto with Zendesk.




External ID

Text (string)

A unique identifier from another system for the Zendesk contact.


Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s name.


Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s primary email address.


Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s primary phone number.

First name

Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s first name.

Last name

Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s last name.


Text (string)

The Zendesk contact’s timezone name.