About email campaign reactions

In the past email metrics were relegated to opens and clicks. But just because someone opened and clicked on your campaign doesn’t mean they like it. Reactions give you an entirely new email metric that we call sentiment. Sentiment will tell you if subscribers are Positive, Neutral or Negative on your email campaign content.

There are several benefits to reactions and sentiment:

  • Get constant feedback on your email campaigns beyond open and click metrics;
  • Dramatically reduce unsubscribe rates - people often choose to react negatively as opposed to unsubscribe giving you a chance to improve your content; and
  • Stay motivated with positive feedback about your content.

Reactions are on by default when you create a new email campaign.

Reactions are shown in the email footer, like so:

When the subscriber clicks on a reaction they are taken to a hosted page:

This hosted page is controlled via your brand book settings. We record their initial reaction and then give them a window of time to change it and leave a comment before recording the result in the email campaign report.

You can see the reaction report when you view a sent campaign. The report looks like this:

How to turn reactions off

If you don’t want reactions to be included in the email campaign, you can deselect the checkbox in the email setup.

Reactions can only be disabled (or enabled) at an individual campaign level and currently cannot be disabled globally for all email campaigns (account-wide).