Journey exit reasons

When you create a journey, by default people will exit the journey when they reach the end of the path or when they don’t move for 30 days.

There are additional reasons a person may exit a journey, depending on the journey configuration, the actions of a person within the journey, or something related to the person’s CDP record.

The journey exit reasons are described in the table below.

Exit reason



The person didn’t move for the number of days specified at People exit when. This includes people who are waiting at a shape other than a Delay shape.

NOTE: A person who is waiting at a Delay shape will not exit the journey if the delay period is greater than the They don’t move for <x> days period you set.

No shape

The shape the person was waiting at was deleted.

Invalid contact data

There was an error processing the person’s data.

Reached end

The person reached the end of a path.

Matched exit criteria

The person’s activity or field data matched the condition you set at People exit when.

Contact not found

The person was archived or deleted.

Action error

An action was configured to make people exit the journey if it failed, and it did so.

Example action shape with exit on action failure

Reached a delay shape after a date has passed

The person reached a Delay shape that used a Field date or Activity date attribute, and the date was not set or was in the past, and the If the date is not set or has already passed was set to Eject.

Example delay shape with eject if date not set or has already passed

Loop detected

The journey includes the Jump to shape feature and the person ended up looping through shapes within the same journey run multiple times in a short period of time.