Customizing your email footer

Ortto’s default email message footers contain your contact information, footer links (such as Unsubscribe), reactions (if enabled), and Powered by Ortto (if enabled).

Email footers can be configured in two areas of Ortto:

To customize elements of your email footer in your account settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email > Templates.
  2. Edit the following as required:
    • Email compliance postal address (required)
    • Email sharing and view online
    • Custom text (such as if you wish to add a disclaimer)
    • Social icons (to add and edit icons and links)
    • Email reactions question text (optional)
    • Ortto promotion on email (can’t be switched off on the Free plan).
  3. Click Save & exit to save your changes.

To create a custom footer in your email campaign:

  1. In the Content step of your email campaign creation, remove the default footer if your email message has one (such as if you are using an Ortto template).
  2. Under content, select Text and drag it into the design panel to add to your email message.
  3. In the text box, click Special links to add footer links, such as Unsubscribe and Update your preferences.
  4. Using the text box (or another content type), add your contact information (including a mailing address or PO box where you can receive mail).
  5. Once you have the basic requirements fulfilled (unsubscribe link and contact information) you can customize your footer using the available content types, such as reactions, images or HTML.
  6. When you have finished creating your email message, click Next to move on to the Review step and send your email message.

IMPORTANT: When customizing your email footer, you must consider the requirements of Ortto’s acceptable usage policy, that all email messages must contain:

  • Ortto’s unsubscribe link (not an outside unsubscribe or abuse reporting process) presented clearly and conspicuously.
  • Your contact information inside every email that you send, including a physical mailing address or PO Box where you can receive mail (not a website or email address).

Read the full Ortto acceptable usage policy to learn more.

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