Managing campaigns

Using liquid to personalize subject lines and email content

Learn more about using Liquid to personalize email and SMS message content in Personalizing campaign content with Liquid.

Preview text

Preview text is an email pre-header. It’s a snippet of text that appears after the email subject line in most email clients.

You can use preview text to improve your open rates by making your email message look better in the subscribers inbox.

Adding the preview text to your campaign’s email message

  1. Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign.
  2. Enter your preview text. You can use tags to personalize and emoji to add extra meaning.

Tips for your preview text

  • Keep it short so the entire message can be seen in the email client.
  • Get to the point early and sum up the content inside.
  • Try including a sense of urgency or a teaser to entice the subscriber to open the email.

View an email campaign

To view an email campaign:

  1. On the Campaigns page, click the email campaign to be viewed.
  2. On the email campaign’s page, click the appropriate option (DesignAudienceReport and Activity along the top-right) to view more information about the people and their relevant activities conducted through this email campaign:


The Report tab presents an overview of performance-related aspects of your email campaign, which includes the Performance section. The Performance section details the whole number and percentage values for metrics such as emails sent, opened, and clicked, as well as conversions and revenue associated with the campaign.

Learn more about how campaign performance is calculated.

IMPORTANT: A note concerning non-human interactions (or server opens/clicks). Non-human interactions caused by Apple's MPP service are currently included in report totals. Through our in-house testing, we have found that we cannot ignore these server opens without also ignoring real opens performed by recipients. Our deliverability team continues to monitor this situation, and we strive to present the most accurate data in consideration of mailbox provider configuration.

We do, however, ignore known machine opens for Google and Yahoo, as well as clicks that occur within 5 seconds of sending to a subscriber (for most browsers, 10 seconds for Internet Explorer 8), due to the low likelihood of accidentally suppressing organic interactions.

Organize campaigns with folders

As your list of campaigns grows, you can create folders to organize and group your individual campaigns together. When organizing campaigns with folders:

  • Different types of campaigns (i.e. emailplaybooksms) can be added to a single folder.
  • A campaign can only belong to a single folder at any given time.
  • You can create a subfolder within a folder for an extra level of organization.